Oregonians say YES on 110: More Treatment. Less Punishment.

Thank you, Oregon! By a 17-point margin, we decided that treatment, not punishment, is a better approach to drug addiction.

Now we need to make sure Measure 110 is implemented as voters intended, in an effective way, with more money for treatment and recovery services, and fewer people arrested and punished for drug possession.

The need for this change is urgent. The current system is ruining lives and preventing people from getting the help they need. People are in crisis. The voters have spoken, and we cannot afford to delay implementation of Measure 110.

Can we please count on you to help? All you have to do is fill out this survey.

Let’s save lives, not ruin them

People suffering from addiction need help, not criminal punishments. This measure would establish a humane, health-based approach to addressing drug addiction. People will no longer be arrested and put in jail simply for possession of small amounts of drugs. Instead, they will be connected to the right treatment or recovery services, including housing assistance, to help them get their lives back on track.

A more humane, effective approach that will save lives - and money

It costs nearly $30,000 to arrest, prosecute and jail someone for simple drug possession. It costs only about $10,000 to provide drug treatment to those people who want it. This measure will change our approach: instead of arresting and jailing people for drugs, we’d use marijuana tax revenue to pay for more addiction treatment services. It will save money and save lives.

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Professionals and community leaders support Measure 110.

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Have you or someone you care about been touched by Oregon’s addiction crisis?

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BREAKING: Measure 110 approved by Oregon voters.